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Pez Espada

Post-London, on my return to Glasgow the first thing I did was fire up the edit suite to add Siân Phillips’ opening speech to a sequence I cut almost a year ago. In that time ...more


Pretty much as I had predicted, in pursuit of an actress for this film, getting through to London agents proved difficult. I even approached one well-known casting director only to be dismissed because as they ...more


After a year on this film – polishing the script, shooting in 100-plus locations and rehearsing new post production techniques – I’ve broken every rule of industry wisdom. Nothing has been accomplished in the prescribed ...more

The Crowd

Recently I watched ‘Love is Strange’ (2014) starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a long-term same-sex couple forced to live apart. Thoughtfully directed and beautifully performed, this indie film was well-reviewed. For those who ...more

The Low Road

It’s been almost a year since I embarked on this project, though in film terms a year is relatively short, certainly shorter than for most conventional feature-length productions. Right now however it feels like an ...more


Following an impromptu shoot related to ‘The Devil’s Plantation’ I’m keen to resume work on this film. After my recent trip to England I have almost all the shots needed barring a few local pickups. ...more

Strange Land

“You’re strange.” I’ve been called worse. Still, it’s not the greeting I expect to hear as I stand in the suburb of Osmaston, Derby at 6.30am, while pointing my camera at a row of terraced ...more


One of my favourite books is ‘Boring Postcards’ (Phaidon), a collection of postcards from the 1950s and 60s depicting exactly that: New Town shopping precincts, municipal buildings, stretches of empty motorway, caravan parks and bleak ...more

A distant star

“A writer out of loneliness is trying to communicate like a distant star sending signals”. When I moved to my current house in Glasgow seven years ago I claimed a leaky shed as my workplace, ...more

Sub rosa

Recently I talked with a friend about his imminent move to pastures rural and the difficulty he faces in editing his personal possessions. What to keep? What to lose? What matters? We’ve all been there, ...more

Show not tell

On my kitchen table sit three small piles of coloured index cards, each with a few handwritten words: Jigsaw; Rose-tinted; Social Death; British Guiana, shorthand for scenes that survived my most recent, ruthless cull. Having ...more


The phrase ‘skeletons in the closet’ took on a double-edged meaning during my recent trip to the Ashworth Laboratories. Occupying the Zoology Building on the King’s Buildings Campus of Edinburgh University, it’s where Erica worked ...more