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The ground on which cinema stands is surely shifting. Recently I read an article by Alex Ross Perry about the disastrous trends in distribution, citing the Oscar-nominated ‘First Reformed’. It confirms what I’ve believed for ...more

Her Naked Winter Garden

I’m writing this after a day of tending my little patch of urban garden while reflecting on ‘Voyageuse’ and how 2018 has been an almost perfect balance of ups and downs. Finally I can allow ...more

A Hard Road

Most of us know the saying, ‘If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ This came to mind recently as I pondered the ...more


I haven’t given much thought to “Voyageuse” lately, too busy with writing a 10th anniversary post for my last film, “The Devil’s Plantation” and researching for a new project. Then there are events: a distracting ...more


In the rush hour bustle outside Sainsbury’s on Tottenham Court Road, I chance on two guys sharing a single sleeping bag and sheltering from the drizzle. Unprompted, I offer them some money. On hearing my ...more


In 2003, when asked by the writer Bernard McLafferty for advice as he embarked on his first short film, (“Bye-Child,” nominated for a BAFTA) I replied that the director’s job was to make decisions no ...more


After a year on this film – polishing the script, shooting in 100-plus locations and rehearsing new post production techniques – I’ve broken every rule of industry wisdom. Nothing has been accomplished in the prescribed ...more


In 1988, while moonlighting from my day job at the BBC, I produced a film for the BFI. On the list of dressing props was a set of old family photographs, so in the haphazard ...more