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Defcon 2

The events of the past few weeks are troubling: biblical fire, fury and floods in the US, Brexit lies and incompetence, endless under-reported wars and further terrorist attacks. Perhaps most worrying is the threat of ...more


Floating forever on social media is a meme, a quote from the late Robert Altman: ‘Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.’ With each new film comes an opportunity to recreate the world and ...more


I haven’t given much thought to “Voyageuse” lately, too busy with writing a 10th anniversary post for my last film, “The Devil’s Plantation” and researching for a new project. Then there are events: a distracting ...more


Usually the start of a New Year heralds the best intentions but rather than sabotage myself and disappoint others, my only resolution for 2017 – to complete “Voyageuse” – is fulfilled. Readers of this blog ...more

Que sera sera

Very few people know but in December 2011 I was offered the job of Filmmaker to the 2014 Commonwealth Games. During the protracted interview process – four meetings over two months – it became apparent ...more

Pez Espada

Post-London, on my return to Glasgow the first thing I did was fire up the edit suite to add Siân Phillips’ opening speech to a sequence I cut almost a year ago. In that time ...more

Outside the box

Last week I attended the launch of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival. Although uninvited, as a filmmaker working in my native city I took my chance. Two years ago, thanks to the GFF’s co-artistic director, ...more