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Destination Home

As a new decade begins the term ‘The Roaring 20s’ rings hollow in the cold, sober dawn of a Tory government, climate catastrophe and ongoing Brexit chaos. To write about film, any film seems trivial ...more


I haven’t given much thought to “Voyageuse” lately, too busy with writing a 10th anniversary post for my last film, “The Devil’s Plantation” and researching for a new project. Then there are events: a distracting ...more


Following an impromptu shoot related to ‘The Devil’s Plantation’ I’m keen to resume work on this film. After my recent trip to England I have almost all the shots needed barring a few local pickups. ...more


The phrase ‘skeletons in the closet’ took on a double-edged meaning during my recent trip to the Ashworth Laboratories. Occupying the Zoology Building on the King’s Buildings Campus of Edinburgh University, it’s where Erica worked ...more


In making a film based on a true story I’m conscious of giving precedence to certain facts over others. Here I’m reminded of the producer, Robert Evans’ quote – ‘there’s three sides to every story, ...more


In pursuit of the seventh art, I have always paid close attention to the craft of sound. During my recent shoot I was struck by the range of noises heard in an otherwise empty house: ...more


All films are constructs, even the most verité. Among the more interesting items found while clearing Erica’s house were several reels of 8mm film dating from the 1960s. Knowing they might form part of the ...more


Years ago at a meeting with a London film executive we got to talking about passion projects, those worthy and obscure ideas that obsess their creators but are rarely realised. If I’ve learned nothing else ...more