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Strange Land

“You’re strange.” I’ve been called worse. Still, it’s not the greeting I expect to hear as I stand in the suburb of Osmaston, Derby at 6.30am, while pointing my camera at a row of terraced ...more


One of my favourite books is ‘Boring Postcards’ (Phaidon), a collection of postcards from the 1950s and 60s depicting exactly that: New Town shopping precincts, municipal buildings, stretches of empty motorway, caravan parks and bleak ...more

Home Service

It’s not often the planets align. Recently my neighbour, Edna – ‘the other Mrs. Thomas’ – as she never fails to remind me, kindly allowed me to film in the home she’s occupied since the ...more


In 1988, while moonlighting from my day job at the BBC, I produced a film for the BFI. On the list of dressing props was a set of old family photographs, so in the haphazard ...more