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Show not tell

On my kitchen table sit three small piles of coloured index cards, each with a few handwritten words: Jigsaw; Rose-tinted; Social Death; British Guiana, shorthand for scenes that survived my most recent, ruthless cull. Having ...more


In making a film based on a true story I’m conscious of giving precedence to certain facts over others. Here I’m reminded of the producer, Robert Evans’ quote – ‘there’s three sides to every story, ...more

A minor key

Lying in bed with flu, as I listen to the January storms ripping limbs from the ancient lime outside my window, I think of Erica’s journal in which she compares the ‘tossing of the trees, ...more


Years ago at a meeting with a London film executive we got to talking about passion projects, those worthy and obscure ideas that obsess their creators but are rarely realised. If I’ve learned nothing else ...more