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As I count down the days to the premiere of ‘Voyageuse’ at the Glasgow Film Festival on March 1st, I’m pleased to announce that the film can also be seen – for free – until ...more


In the rush hour bustle outside Sainsbury’s on Tottenham Court Road, I chance on two guys sharing a single sleeping bag and sheltering from the drizzle. Unprompted, I offer them some money. On hearing my ...more

Poster child

While storms Gertrude, Henry and Imogen uprooted trees in the local park, my waking hours were spent in the warm glow of the edit suite. The many formats I’m using – 16mm, 8mm and S8mm ...more

Pez Espada

Post-London, on my return to Glasgow the first thing I did was fire up the edit suite to add Siân Phillips’ opening speech to a sequence I cut almost a year ago. In that time ...more


Pretty much as I had predicted, in pursuit of an actress for this film, getting through to London agents proved difficult. I even approached one well-known casting director only to be dismissed because as they ...more